Chocolate Diesel


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  • Effects: Energetic, Creativity, Analytical, Outgoing
  • Medical Uses: ADD/ADHD, Stress, Depression, Inflammation, Migraines
  • Flavor: Chocolate, Earthy, Diesel Skunk
  • Average THC: 15% – 23%
  • Sativa 100%
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Chocolate Diesel is a pure sativa strain that brings together the original Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai. The high offers a high-flying, energetic experience.

  • The high leads to a cerebral thinking which is good for working through complicated analytical tasks, as well as for opening up barriers to creativity.
  • It can provide a distinct “get-up-and-go” physical energy. This carefree and upbeat mood can help relieve symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression.
  • The strain’s energy and uplifting qualities also make it a good way to enhance social situations.
  • This strong smoke mixes flavors of cocoa and sour diesel on the exhale.
  • Chocolate Diesel is great to enjoy with a cup of coffee for a wake and bake treat.

Chocolate Diesel’s fast-paced, euphoric effects can be a great way to liven up a mellow party. It’s unique aroma is sure to attract attention, so be sure to order enough!

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