Easily earn and redeem Budz Points on purchases and more.

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Here’s How Budz Points Work

  • If you’re already a member of OnlineBudz, you’re earning points, if not Join Now!

  • You can check you Budz Points balance anytime at onlinebudz.com/my-account/budz-points/

  • Easily redeem Budz Points at checkout

  • Earn 1 Budz point for every dollar spent on qualifying purchases

  • Earn more Budz Points by writing reviews and inviting your friends


  • It’s always easy to redeem your Budz Points!

100 Budz Points =



  • Lots of great ways to earn Budz Points

Spend $1 and Earn

1Budz Points

Refer a Friend and Earn

500Budz Points

Review a Product and Earn

100Budz Points